Bodyguards and Security

We provide the best Bodyguards and Security Guards in Las Vegas!

Whether protecting senior executives or your family, our Las Vegas Entertainment Productions staff of trained bodyguards has the expertise and experience to offer a broad array of protective services. Whatever situation you are in or are trying to avoid, we can help.


Las Vegas Entertainment Productions has 4 main tiers of Security:

  • Security Guard Tier 1:
    • Attire is typically a yellow t shirt with security written on the back.  This tier specializes in special event security: checking in guests, able to call police in case of an emergency, perimeter patrol, and provides a security presence at your event.
  • Security Guard Tier 2:
    • Attire is typically a black polo shirt with security written on the back.  This tier specializes in special events, VIP events, and smaller parties.  They will monitor the perimeter, provide traffic flow, security presence, call police in case of an emergency, and have the means to escort unwanted guests outside of the party/event.
  • Bodyguard Tier 1:
    • Attire is typically black slacks and a black shirt.  This tier is typically a very large guard that has his presence very known.  Bystanders will understand that they can not get near you, no matter what!  This level of protection is great for bachelor/bachelorette parties that want to feel safe while walking the strip or in a night club.  Perfect for individual protection or group protection.
  • Bodyguard Tier 2:
    • Attire is typically black slacks and a black dress shirt or suit.  This tier is highly trained via mixed martial arts or has high level military training.  Perfect for celebrity’s visiting Las Vegas, or VIP guests that need extra security. Tier 2 Bodyguards are unlike any other.  They will study each location you are visiting, locate emergency exits, hospitals, and have emergency transportation ready at a moments notice.  This is more of a discreet yet effective form of security, you will have your privacy, but know very well that you or your loved one is safe.

We will provide a full spectrum of personal protection for individuals and their families who are residing or visiting the Las Vegas area. Our security professionals will discuss your security requirements with you and develop a security plan which meets your logistical, financial, and security requirements.


***We Only Utilize Nevada Licensed Security Services***

Contact Las Vegas Entertainment Productions at 702.871.9007 or fill out our contact form. We’ll take the care of all of your personal security needs!