We Print Step and Repeats

We Print and Install Step and Repeats the Right Way!

Las Vegas Entertainment Productions is one of the few companies that installs step and repeats the correct way.  We use 4’x8′ wooden media flats, then wrap the vinyl prints around them, creating a perfectly stretched step and repeat.  We also carry 4’x8′ Boxwood Hedge Flats to enhance any step and repeat.

8'x12' Step and Repeat with Hedge Wall


Want to enhance the entrance to your party?

Want your logo posted all over social media?

A Step and Repeat Backdrop is the way to get it done!

Las Vegas Entertainment Productions can handle everything for you.  Our first step is to get the files/logo’s you would like on your backdrop.  Our designer will create the perfect step and repeat, and send it to you for approval.  Once approved, our printing team can get your backdrop printed in one day!!

Our install team uses 4’x8′ or 4’x10′ media flats to create a seamless backdrop for your event.  By taking this approach, it leave your photos flawless!  Who wants to see a seam every 4′, or who wants to see gross zip ties all around your banner.  With the media flats, your step and repeat can withstand a 20mph wind!  Truly the professional way to install.

Step and Repeat Options:

  • Vinyl Backdrop with Matte Finish (ideal for one time use)
  • Fabric Backdrop (great for reusing over and over)
  • 1/2″ Foam Board (leaves a seam every 4′, but is an option)

Want your Step and Repeat Lighted?  We can do it the right way.

  • Kino Flo 4′ Bank Light
    • Great for video and photography, very soft and event light
  • Wireless LED Par Can Lights
    • Does not require any cords or power, but is not ideal for video & photography)
  • Leko Lights
    • Great for “boxing in” the lights, but even with a filter and dimmer can sometimes be “too hot” for the photographer
  • Umbrella Photo Lights
    • Beautiful soft light, but they typically will remote flash if anyone uses a flash on their cameras.