Cooling, Heat and Power Rental

Need Power or Climate Control?? We have you covered.....

Cooling, Heat and Power Rental-

Need Climate Control at your event?  Las Vegas Entertainment Productions has what you need to make your guests feel comfortable no matter how hot or cold it is outside.  We have units specially designed to fit inside of tents, ensuring the ultimate level of comfort.

Misting Fans:

The Cool Caddie is designed to be the best self-contained portable misting system in the marketplace. It quickly chills the air (up to 25ºF) on even the hottest days of the seasons. Besides cooling, the mist will greatly dampens smoke from a BBQ grill and dust from dry fields and parking lots.

The 18″ shrouded fan oscillates and has a variable-speed dial and cover a 300-500 sq. ft. space. It’s amazingly quieter than a standard house box fan—you can easily stand next to it and carry a conversation. It also features… Four misting cycle modes, Built-in water filter, Noise Level: ~50dB, Tank overflow safety switch, Low water safety switch, Totally enclosed pump and motor prevent shock from water splashes


Misting Fan

Swamp Coolers:

Our portable cooling fans are very efficient and easy to maneuver as they are mounted on casters. With a cooling area of 3600 sqft, these variable speed air cooling units are great for pool areas, outdoor events, under tents, on the sidelines, back stage, in the stable, garage, jet hanger, warehouse or shop, and on your patio.

NOTE: An evaporative cooling fan produces effective cooling through a water evaporation process of moving air through moist pads where it is cooled by evaporation and circulated through your facility or area by a large 36″ blower fan. This evaporation process can lower the air temperature by as much as 30 degrees. It is not a misting system.

SWamp coolers and misting systems

Swamp Coolers in a tent with Misting Fans

Swamp Cooler Rental

Swamp Cooler Rental

HVAC Rental

Our larger 20 and 30 Ton HVAC units are ideal for cooling or heating large enclosed tents.  We have units that are placed outside the tent with ducting tubes, or we have Vertical Space Saver units that are placed inline with the tents side walls, creating a seamless finish.

The Vertical Space Saver air conditioner allows installation of an air conditioning system where minimal floor space is available and where ceiling mounted or ducted units are not practical. The Space Saver air conditioner can be used as a free blow unit with the optional discharge air plenum or it can be ducted.

Vertical HVAC Rental

Check out this 20 Ton Vertical AC Unit in a tent

175,000 BTU Tent Heaters

This 175,000 BTU tent heater creates a totally enclosed flame. Duct attachment is available to heat spaces without the heater present. It can be used as a heater, or used as a way to circulate air with a touch of a button. Requires a 100 lb. propane tank and electricity.  Ideal for large enclosed tents or patios.


Need Power…… We can provide!!

No matter if you are charging a cell phone, or need to power an entire festival, Las Vegas Entertainment Productions has the solution to all your power needs.  Not sure how much power is needed?  Let our team of professionals figure out the ideal way to run power at your event.  We will determine the safest and most cost effective way to fulfill all your power rental needs.


Honda EU-7000 Generator

So quiet, your neighbors will thank you. The EU7000iS operates at 52 to 58 dB(A), which is less noise than a normal conversation. This makes it ideal for supplemental RV power, powering outdoor events, and any other activity that requires quiet operation.

This unit comes with (1) 30 amp breaker and (2) 20 amp breakers.  Ideal for bounce house motors, swamp coolers, tent heaters, sound systems, or powering a mobile kitchen.  This unit is gas powered and does not require any special permits.  We like to spread these units around a event when the larger tow generators are not available.

Hondat EU-7000 Generator

Large Towable Whisper Watte Generators

Need more power than the small portable units, try one of our Whisper Watte Generators.  These large towable units can handle single phase or 3 phase power, and work great with our distribution boxes to spread the ideal amount of power throughout your entire event.  We carry “movie quality” generators, not the dirty construction style units.  Our white towable generators are the perfect solution when you want the generator easily moved and so quiet you need to double check its on!  20kw, 45kw, 70kw, 100kw, and 150kw units are available 24/7 and will deliver within the hour if immediate service is required.

Additional items typically rented with the larger towable generators:

  • 6/4 50amp cable (25′,50,& 100′ Lengths)
  • Edison Spider Boxes
  • Cable Ramps